How can you get your reviews on Google and other major platforms?

JudgeService’s review and insight tools are unique because we can get your customer reviews on other major review websites such as Google,, and others depending on your industry.

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But firstly, how can reviews help your business?

Having reviews on websites enables you to shout about your outstanding customer service skills. It creates a platform for you to forge trust and display social proof. With customer reviews on websites, you are able to share testimonials on social media.

Reviews perform as a natural search engine optimisation booster, improving search rankings and your online reputation.

Exhibiting trusted business reviews in key conversion areas will increase your sales enquiries online and offline.

Consumer Insights

Our customer satisfaction surveys will provide you with instant data which in turn will help you analyse how well your business is performing.

This insight and customer analysis will find out what factors help you sell.

Why wouldn’t you want to know what customers think of you when they hold the keys to success?

Our verified reports will help you identify which marketing strategies are producing the best results, manage your team’s performance and establish what your own customers think you were successful at.

In addition, our comprehensive reporting suite is user friendly and helps you to identify your business strengths and weaknesses quicky.

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What Does This Mean For You?

We’ve already helped thousands of businesses improve their customer satisfaction scores and by an average of 20%, resulting in them selling their stock 5 days faster than before.

According to Bazaarvoice in 2018, product pages with customer reviews experience 3.5 times more conversions than those without.

Key Features

Our customer satisfaction surveys, also known as ReAct, have many unique and innovative features to give you the best results possible.

  • Each survey is user-friendly, so customers from all demographics will have no trouble completing them.
  • They are mobile compatible – our surveys can be completed on smart phones and tablets as well as on desktop.
  • Simple imagery is used to make the survey feel more game-like, so that users enjoy the process.
  • Google integration – JudgeService offers users the opportunity to share their opinion with Google, so you reap the benefits of JudgeService across the internet.
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