Car dealer reviews are incredibly influential to a potential electric vehicle buyers

Recent research by JudgeService indicates that 70% of car buyers rely on dealership reviews for their purchase decisions.

With electric vehicles taking the market in a new direction, it's important that you understand the thought process of your customers when it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle.

There are new factors that buyers take into consideration, like charging capabilities, range anxieties, carbon efficiency, energy tariffs, and more!

Our specially curated EV surveys will help you understand where the patterns and trends lie with your customers, so you can adapt your sales strategies and training.

customer completing survey on mobile phone

customer coming up with an idea

Knowledge is power!

With our consumer insights and review tools, you can improve your electric vehicle sales, analyse your performance, growth, marketing activities, and customer satisfaction scores.

JudgeService are the chosen third-party review and consumer insight platform for over 1000 dealerships across the UK and our team of experts will personally guide you through the set-up process.

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