Volvo Comes Out on Top in Brand Loyalty Rankings

04 June 2024 by Curtis Hutchinson

Volvo is the highest ranked carmaker for brand loyalty according to new consumer research by JudgeService.

MINI And BMW Triumph in Brand Loyalty Survey

22 March 2024 by Curtis Hutchinson

MINI and BMW have the most loyal customers of any car brands on sale in the UK, according to consumer research by JudgeService. For the second year in a row MINI was rated number one in JudgeServic...

Finance Wins Amidst Regulatory Probe

12 March 2024 by Curtis Hutchinson

Most car buyers are satisfied with their experience buying finance from dealers, according to research by JudgeService. The research was prompted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) probe into...

Why Are Consumers Opting for Petrol And Hybrid Over Electric?

07 February 2024 by Curtis Hutchinson

Most car buyers considering their next purchase are now evenly split between petrol and hybrid as their first choice, rejecting electric vehicles (EVs) as being too expensive and the public charging n...

Consumer Thoughts on New Entrant Car Brands

04 January 2024 by Curtis Hutchinson

Consumers will consider switching to one of the plethora of new car brands coming to the UK if prices are significantly lower than those of established marques. JudgeService’s Car Buyer Barometer, ...

Dealer Thoughts on 2024 ZEV Mandate

12 December 2023 by Curtis Hutchinson

With the government’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate just weeks away from implementation, most dealers believe the new legislation will fail in its mission to boost electric vehicle (EV) adoption...

Preparing for September

10 August 2023 by Curtis Hutchinson

Dealers need to review their new car sales processes to maximise on what could be the biggest September plate-change since 2019. JudgeService believes the widely reported improvements in new vehicle s...

Are Online Selling Services Beating Dealerships When It Comes to Trade-in Prices?

17 July 2023 by Curtis Hutchinson

When it comes to trading-in time, most owners say they will use the main dealer they plan to buy their next car from to get a part-exchange valuation but in practice many end up selling to specialist ...

Are Cheaper ICE Alternatives Stalling EV Buying Intent?

13 July 2023 by Curtis Hutchinson

As the clock counts down on banning new internal combustion engine (ICE) car sales from 2030, the proportion of buyers considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) has dropped year-on-year.

Is the Cost of Living Crisis Affecting Consumers Car Purchasing Behaviours?

13 June 2023 by Curtis Hutchinson

The appetite among consumers to buy cars remains strong, despite the ongoing impact of rising inflation, high energy costs and interest rate hikes.

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